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Teacher training in Technics

Bachelor of Science und Master of Education

Science and technology are the key to the future of our society. Young people need scientific and technical skills today in order to help shape the economic, ecological and social conditions of life tomorrow. Technology teachers make the benefits of technology tangible, and the advantages and risks understandable. They enable young people to make informed judgments, avoid prejudices and assume responsibility - with knowledge and conscience.

Depending on the type of school, the subject of technology has different characteristics and can be studied in both the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Education. In Dortmund's teacher training programs, which train students to teach from grade 1 to grade 13 in various types of schools, technology can be chosen as one of the teaching subjects. The special appeal of the subject for prospective teachers lies in its holistic and interdisciplinary character: both the manual skills and the intellectual abilities of the students are equally promoted. In teaching, it is not only necessary to demonstrate subject-specific pedagogical skills, but also to use manual dexterity.

In addition to their high school diploma, first-year students should have manual dexterity, technical understanding and an interest in school. A technical internship prior to the start of studies is recommended.

Students of special education should also be able to prove two three-week informational internships upon enrollment. Students who wish to study art, physical education, or music as a second subject must take entrance exams.

For more information on the Teacher training in Technics, please visit the website of IngenieurDidaktik.