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Online-Portal for the recognition of the internship

In the Online-Portal of the Internship Office you can apply for recognition of your completed internship and view the current processing status.

Status 1: Angelegt - You can cache your application at any time and continue editing it later.

Status 2: Eingereicht - Once submitted, you will not be able to make any changes. Please be patient, the Internship Office reviews applications according to the order in which they are received. If we have any questions, we will get back to you via email.

Status 3: Vollständigkeit geprüft - Your internship certificate and report meet the formal requirements.

Status 4: Inhaltlich geprüft - Your report has been checked for content. You can see how many weeks per activity area are recognized when you open your application.

Status 5: Wird demnächst ins BOSS eingetragen - Only complete basic internships (8 weeks) and complete specialized internships (12 weeks) will be entered into BOSS as an examination achievement. After the content has been checked, the entry in the BOSS is usually made within one week.

Status 6: Im BOSS eingetragen - You've made it! Your basic or specialized internship has been entered in BOSS.