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Preliminary courses

Refresh knowledge and start safely

For some courses of study at the Technische Universität Dortmund, so-called preliminary courses are offered before the start of the semester, in which old school knowledge is refreshed and enriched with new knowledge to make it easier for you to start your studies.

For the study programs Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Logistics, the following courses are particularly recommended Pre-course Mathematics.

For mechanical engineering students who are only transferring to TU Dortmund University for their Master's degree a Pre-course in Advanced Mathematics III is offered.

Find out why a preliminary course is worthwhile in the video:

Event series "Right from the start

In the pre-study phase, however, the focus should not only be on professional support, but also on self-reliance and learning skills - two important competencies within the study program. Dealing with topics such as financing studies and scientific work are also part of a successful start to studies.

This is precisely where the lecture series "Right from the start" comes in.