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Study organization

All students (except exchange students) of the TU Dortmund receive a UniAccount with their enrollment. With this account, you will not only receive your personal UniMail address, but you will also have access to important online functions that TU Dortmund University makes available to its students.
After your UniAccount has been activated, you can be reached at your personal UniMail address, e.g. "". To this UniMail address you will receive each semester:
- a notification of re-registration
- the semester ticket NRW/VRR for regular students, which you can then print out yourself
- important notifications concerning your studies. 
E-mails can be accessed either with programs such as Outlook or via the webmailer, which you can access from anywhere.
With the UniAccount you can request the Semesterticket NRW/VRR again in the ServicePortal of the TU Dortmund University or apply for the Unicard, register in the portals QISPOS, BOSS or LSF.

Since March 1, 2022, you as a student will find the tile "Student ID" in the personal area of the TU app when you log in there with your UniAccount. The new function replaces the old student ID in the form of the UniCard and can essentially be used for the same services as the previous check card
The ID card:
- can thus be shown for identification verification, e.g. at the beginning of an exam
- serves as an ID card for the university library
- can also be used for other services inside and outside the university 
- makes cashless payment possible at various locations on campus. For this purpose, however, the credit of the UniCard must be topped up at one of the terminals distributed on campus. 
- Used to register for various services such as the LSF portal. 
- Allows the use of the lockers on campus
- However, the UniCard is not a substitute for the semester ticket. However, UniCard holders are entitled to use the H-Bahn without an additional ticket.
The previous UniCards will be recognized as a temporary visual ID until the end of 2022. If you do not have a smartphone or do not want to use the TU app, you can continue to identify yourself as a student with your certificate of study (printed or digital). Both the certificate of study and Student ID are valid (as before) only in conjunction with an official photo ID.
Semester and lecture times
The current semester and lecture times of the TU Dortmund University can be found at the following link:
Please take the individual course times from the LSF/MOODLE course or inform yourself about the websites of the chairs. Please be on time at the beginning of the course.

The LSF is the online course catalog of the TU Dortmund. Here you can
- inform yourself about the courses offered
- create your own timetable
- look up event times for exercises and lectures. 
The UniAccount is required to log in. You can only register for courses via the LSF if this has been explicitly stated in the lecture. It is recommended to check the information in the LSF on the websites of the chairs regarding adjustments and short-term changes. 
For a precise hit search, it is recommended to specify the type of event exactly and to pay close attention to the event names or numbers. 
Link to LSF:

As the central learning platform of the TU Dortmund University, Moodle bundles various functions for collaboration, the distribution of learning materials and the implementation of different teaching and learning methods.
The portal enables:
- the uploading, editing and downloading of data, e.g. course materials
- a list of participants for the course 
- an exchange among students or with the chair
The UniAccount is required for registration. Some courses are further protected by a security key. This is usually announced in the lecture or on the website of the chair.
For further information and questions there are FAQs about Moodle in the Service Portal.

You can use the BOSS portal to organize your studies as well as examination matters.
The BOSS portal can be found at the following link:
- Study administration (study organization)
- Re-registration 
- Print study certificates
- Edit address
- Exam administration (exam organization)
- Registration and deregistration for exams
- Information about exams (about registered exams)
- Examination extract (overview of grades - to print out)

Exam registration:
- Exam administration → Register exam 
- Recognize BOSS study and examination regulations
- Select the course of study in which the examination is to be taken
Select compulsory/elective modules or, for profile-specific modules in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, select the corresponding profile in advance.
- In the module area, select the examination to be taken.
- The date of the examination, the name of the examiner, the form of the examination
the type of exam, the registration period, and a "Register for exam" link.
Follow the link and pay attention to the exam date, because exam dates of the
of the previous semester are listed
- Confirmation of selection

In the section "Info about registered exams" an overview page can be accessed,
which contains a list of registered exams as well as important information such as the exam date.
exam date.
Grade list
The grade table provides information about the exams already taken. Here are displayed:
- passed as well as failed examinations are listed
- the current grade of the student is noted
The grade list can be saved and printed as a PDF file. 
Attention: The buttons for printing the grade list only appear if the button of the desired degree is selected.

The grade report can be displayed via Exam administration → Grade report → Degree program → Info.

Through the TU Dortmund App it is possible to access a lot of important information about campus life conveniently on a smartphone:
- CampusID 
- dining hall schedules
- LSF & schedule of hours
- University sports program
- NRW ticket & library card
- Search for persons
- Campusnavi & Departure monitor
- AStA Service
- News & events
The TU Dortmund App can be downloaded free of charge from all known App Stores.
Student portal of the Department of Mathematics
The student portal of the Department of Mathematics is used to register for the tutorials for Higher Mathematics I, II and III. During registration, the student's course of study is also queried. Thus, under the item Registrations all currently running registration periods for tutorials of the corresponding study program can be viewed immediately and the tutorials can be registered.

Course registration:
Please check the websites of the chairs regarding adjustments and last-minute changes regarding the registration for a lecture. For some courses you can register via the LSF. Please always check the information on the chair websites.
Exam registration:
Examinations are registered in the BOSS system. An exam registration must be made at least two weeks before the exam date. Deregistration is possible up to one day (23:59) before.
Exam registration for exchange students:
Exchange students who cannot register through the BOSS system register all exams directly with the department that is administering the exam. If it is an exam at the Department of Business and Economics, the registration is done via the International Coordination. You will be informed about this at the beginning of your stay.

Before the beginning of the next semester, you - as a registered student - will be asked to re-register for the next semester.
You will receive the personalized and updated re-registration request with all information required for re-registration at the beginning of the re-registration period via the online services of the TU Dortmund. The re-registration request can be downloaded under the menu item Study Administration, sub-item Re-registration. The online service for students is the BOSS system.
The current (re-registration) deadlines can be found under Dates & Deadlines.
Newly enrolled students will receive their first request for re-registration with their provisional enrollment notification.

The semester fee at the TU Dortmund is paid twice a year and includes a semester ticket for Germany.