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Equal Opportunities

More than just equal opportunities

Labor market and workforce demand forecasts predict an increasing demand for activities in the highly qualified information and knowledge sector. At the same time, a shortage of sufficiently qualified workers is emerging. The promotion of qualified young talent is urgently needed. Since the number of female students in STEM fields in particular is low, there is great recruitment potential here for business and science. In addition to these more demographic reasons, an increase in the proportion of women also has positive qualitative effects. Studies show that heterogeneous groups work more creatively and come up with more sustainable and innovative solutions.

In order to leverage this potential, the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses specifically on developing the skills of female students to promote their careers. In addition, it aims to create an attractive study and learning environment that generates enthusiasm for research and science. By networking female students up to the doctoral students of the department, synergies are used from the beginning and potentials are picked up.

Equal opportunities concept of the Department of Mechanical Engineering 

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The Equal Opportunity Representative of the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers individual consultation hours for advice on all aspects of equal opportunities. Please request an appointment and initial contact by e-mail.

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