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Information for exchange students

Please report to the foreigners authority responsible for your place of residence within 90 days of arrival. Please remember to bring all documents (see information of the authority online) to the authority. This usually includes a certificate of your student status, which you can download from the BOSS system.
Also keep in mind that as soon as you have a permanent residence, you also have to register at the Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt). Your landlord will provide you with a certificate that you are living at the relevant address, this document must be brought along with the usual documents (see information from the authority online). A registration must be made within 14 days of the start of the tenancy.
Appointments can usually be made online or by phone with the respective authority.

Enrollment at TU Dortmund University is only possible if you have health insurance. Please contact an insurance company of your choice and inquire about special student rates. Some health insurance companies have an office on campus.

The Studierendenwerk offers housing in the surrounding residence halls. These accommodations are especially popular because they are inexpensive and close to campus. Therefore, you should expect longer waiting times until you get accommodation. For this reason, it is advisable to get on the waiting list early and apply.
Another very popular option are shared apartments in the city. Here there is no central contact point. 
In general, the search for accommodation must be organized independently. Exceptions are stays within the framework of exchange programs. In this case, the International Office will inform you in the course of your registration at the TU Dortmund University.

For students in the framework of the ERASMUS+ exchange program it is obligatory to conclude a Learning Agreement. This includes all the courses you would like to take during your stay at TU Dortmund University. Please contact the ERASMUS representative of your home university and the International Coordination of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to finalize the document.

Exchange students receive a Transcript of Records at the end of their stay, which you have to present at your home university. Please make sure that all the results you have achieved during your stay at TU Dortmund University are passed on to the International Coordination of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Only then is it possible to issue them.

As part of your exchange program or your start of studies in the Manufacturing Technology program, you will be assigned a mentor from the department at the beginning. This person will show you around the campus and help you to deal with initial organizational points. You will be informed about your mentor within the framework of your program by the International Coordination of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.