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PhDs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Application for Admission & Enrollment

PhD students at TU Dortmund University must submit an application for admission to the doctoral procedure to the doctoral committee of the faculty. The requirements and documents to be submitted are documented in the respective doctoral regulations. 

After admission by the doctoral committee, doctoral candidates must enrol for the doctoral programme and prove this to the doctoral committee usually within 3 weeks.


Four black doctor hats flying in the air in front of blue sky with white clouds. © Jürgen Huhn​/​TU Dortmund

Requirements for the doctorate

First, check the requirements for admission to the doctoral program. The following requirements must be met in principle:

  • Completed university studies at a state-recognized university (decision by the doctoral committee).
  • Confirmation of supervision by a doctoral supervisor/doctoral supervisor
  • Possibly proof of German language skills (regulated by the respective doctoral regulations)

All further requirements and necessary documents for the application for admission to the doctoral program can be found in the corresponding doctoral regulations of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

If your application for admission to the doctoral program has been approved by the doctoral committee, you will receive a certificate that you will need for enrollment.

In the case of procedures already in progress, the chairperson of the respective examination board decides whether the oral part of the doctoral performance can be carried out in the current situation.

In the positive case, he or she is responsible for the proper conduct of the oral part and in particular for compliance with the safety conditions. A sufficient safety distance of at least 2 meters between all persons is to be ensured. The number of listeners must be limited so that this condition can be observed. The candidate is responsible for compliance with the safety conditions after the announcement of the result of the doctorate.