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Why plan a stay abroad during your studies?

Are you asking yourself why a stay abroad during your studies makes sense? Below you will find some reasons that speak for a stay abroad.

Reasons that speak for a semester abroad!

A stay abroad is the best way to improve your language skills. Of course, you can also learn a language without visiting the respective country. But: Using the language in daily life helps to make progress quickly and to use the newly learned language with confidence.

During your stay you will also make contacts worldwide, which can be very helpful for you privately or professionally later on.

A very important point: it will probably never be that easy again to go abroad - organizationally, financially and regarding the time frame. Numerous funding opportunities and cooperations make it easy for you to go abroad.

A stay abroad always means thinking outside the box. In detail, this means that you will get to know other approaches, which will broaden your perspective on professional problems and possibly show you new paths.

Future employers also value mobility in your studies among applicants. By spending time abroad, you demonstrate independence and initiative. Especially if you want to work in an international environment, a stay abroad that you have completed can be a key assett for you. So take the chance to individualize your resume!

A stay abroad is always a challenge and requires a certain degree of adaptability and independence. Thus, the stay is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and develop further - linguistically, personally as well as professionally. With challenges also come limits, learn to know yourself and your limits and how to deal with them. A stay abroad will challenge you personally and professionally - make it your own personal success story and gain self-confidence for future projects!