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Best prepared for your studies with practical experience

For the bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, logistics and industrial engineering, an industrial internship of a total of 20 weeks must be completed. The internship is divided into a basic internship (8 weeks) and a specialized internship (12 weeks).

The basic internship serves to prepare students for their studies and is designed to provide a basic understanding of manufacturing technology (and, for industrial engineering students, electrical engineering). The entire basic internship must be recognized for registration for the examinations of all modules that are scheduled according to the study plan of the respective study program from the 3rd semester onwards inclusive! It is therefore recommended that prospective students complete the entire basic internship before the start of their studies. If this recommendation is not adhered to, considerable delays in the course of studies must be expected, as the lecture-free periods are taken up by examinations, examination preparations and intensive consolidation of the lecture material. In addition, the basic internship before the start of the study program is useful because it promotes the understanding of the courses already in the early semesters.

It is possible to divide the internship between different companies. If possible, the internship period in one company should be at least 4 weeks. Shorter periods are permissible but not recommended. If the time before the start of the study program is no longer sufficient for the 8-week basic internship, at least parts of the basic internship can be completed before the start of the study program and the remaining weeks can be made up in the 1st and 2nd semesters.

All information about the internship can be found on the pages of the internship office