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Transfer to a German-taught master's degree program

  • Completed Bachelor of Science degree.
  • The start of studies is possible at any time.
  • For students of TU Dortmund University, an application for a change of study must be submitted. 
  • A new application via the online portal is not necessary.
  • No documents are required in addition to the application for change of study.

External applicants

Enroll in a German-taught master's degree program

Equivalent Bachelor's degree in the respective subject with 210 credits. 
(for 180 credits, requirements of at least 30 credits are defined).

It is recommended to have a look at the guides for self-checking the admission requirements:


The start of studies is possible at any time via the online portal of TU Dortmund University.


When considering admission (application), it is essential to include the following complete documents/details with the application:

  • Transcript of Records (complete overview of subjects with details of associated credits, total number of credits)
  • Course of study overview
  • Indication of the standard period of study for your degree program
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (by the time of enrollment at the latest)

The examination board of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering reviews the application. Admission may (in the case of courses that deviate from the Dortmund Bachelor's program with 210 credits) be subject to the condition by the examination board that certain additional course or examination achievements that are requirements for successful study in the Master's program must still be completed. The conditions must be proven by the time of registration for the Master's thesis.

After receiving the admission letter, the enrollment can be done via the Student Secretary's Office.


A variety of documents are required for enrollment. You can find a detailed list here!

Prospective students who have obtained their academic degree abroad should contact the  International Office of the TU Dortmund University directly.

The website of the International Office also provides information on language requirements, and our colleagues will also be happy to answer any questions you may have in person.


Enroll in an English-taught Master's degree program