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Questions about your ERASMUS+ application

  • Student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Duration of stay at least two months (60 days)
  • Study abroad is possible from the 3rd semester on (it is recommended that basic internship and basic subjects are completed)
  • Recommended: TOEFL test for countries with English-speaking classes

A letter of intent must be related to the first priority only. The course list must be created per priority.

A language certificate is not required for the application. If you have one, please feel free to submit it with your application. Students must find out for themselves whether a foreign host university requires proof of language proficiency. If one is required, there is usually enough time to acquire it between the acceptance by the International Coordination and the start of the semester abroad.

The period of stay must be fixed before submitting the online acceptance declaration, usually even before the nomination at the partner university by the International Coordination (beginning of April), afterwards the chosen period can only be changed in cases of hardship. However, if you have been given a place for the winter semester, an extension of one semester is possible. Please note that this must always be clarified individually with the host university and also depends on the number of places and the current allocation status. Furthermore, it may be that a second semester can no longer be supported with a mobility grant; this must also be clarified in each individual case. In any case, the tuition fees at the host university are waived in the case of an extension.

If possible, always indicate the semester in which you would like to do the stay abroad. Especially if this will be in the master's program, as master's students are given special consideration due to the short time remaining in their studies. However, also keep in mind that there are universities that only accept Master's students or only Bachelor's students. Therefore, if you are not sure that you will be able to complete your Master's degree in time, do not take unnecessary risks and choose a university where both are possible. In general, always give a realistic estimate of the then corresponding semester. Do not state 'Master' if this is not really realistic.

Some countries are particularly popular, so we receive more applications than we can allocate places. In these cases, a selection is made based on the following criteria:

  • Study focus
  • Foreign language skills
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Course of studies and number of semesters
  • Academic achievements

All applicants will receive feedback by e-mail by March 31.

Questions about your ERASMUS+ stay

After you have been accepted for a place at one of the partner universities, your commitment is required.

The following points have to be taken care of "on your own" or have to be found out:

  • Start and end of the semester
  • Lecture languages and, if necessary, necessary language certificates
  • Adequate courses that correspond to the respective study focus in Germany and can be recognized at the TU Dortmund University
  • Application for recognition of study achievements within the framework of ERASMUS+
  • Contacting the respective coordinators of the partner universities (addresses can be found in the International Coordination of the Department of Mechanical Engineering) regarding more detailed arrangements
  • Search for a flight or accommodation (you can often find out about accommodation possibilities from the International Office of the partner university).

The Learning Agreement is a kind of agreement about the courses for the semester abroad. All courses to be taken at the partner university are entered into the learning agreement. For this purpose, the students have to study the course catalog of the host university and look for suitable courses for them and enter them with the corresponding number of credit points in the learning agreement. The credit points of the courses to be taken abroad must add up to a total of at least 30 ECTS . Once the Learning Agreement has been completed, it is signed first by the student, then by the International Coordination at the student's own university, and finally by the coordinators at the host university. Afterwards it has to be sent to the International Office of the TU Dortmund University.

Please note that some universities have already switched to the Online Learning Agreement.

This happens very often, as courses can overlap or be cancelled. This is what the second page of the Learning Agreement is for. The table titled "During the Mobility" is where all courses that are changed in any way are entered. It must be marked whether a course is being deleted or added and a reason for the change must be given. The number of credit points must also be entered here again. Please note that you should still plan with 30 ECTS.

In Table B of the Learning Agreement, the courses at the TU Dortmund are entered that are to be covered by the work performed abroad. This is where the name of the course at the TU and the corresponding number of credit points are entered. In order for courses to be entered in "Table B", a recognition agreement for these courses must be available.

01.02. : Application deadline at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

31.05. : Completion of the online declaration of acceptance for the International Office, this must be printed out and signed and submitted to the International Office. If this declaration of acceptance is not completed and submitted, the student will not be considered for a mobility grant.

Furthermore, deadlines must be met at the foreign university. However, these vary from university to university, so each Erasmus student must research deadlines and dates independently. Especially important are the deadlines for the application at the host university.

If documents are not submitted in time, on the one hand it cannot be guaranteed that the Erasmus exchange place can be kept, on the other hand it can happen that no financial support will be paid. If documents are not submitted during or after the stay, the mobility grant must be repaid in full.

The monthly mobility grant will be transferred directly to an account of your choice by the ERASMUS Commission. You indicate the IBAN and BIC of the desired account in the online acceptance form.

The ERASMUS+ semester abroad must always be planned with at least 30 CP. However, if problems arise or you fail an exam or similar, this is not a problem as long as you achieve at least 15 CP. If you return from abroad with less than 15 completed credit points, you will have to repay the mobility grant in full. In case of doubt, a hardship application can be submitted.

Yes, also language courses as well as all courses taken at other faculties of the host university count towards the 15 ECTS minimum.

This always depends on what you want to achieve in this semester. In principle, you can take a vacation semester at the TU during your stay abroad and then you do not have to pay the tuition fees at the TU Dortmund for this semester. However, please keep in mind that BAföG is usually not paid for semesters on leave. In addition, you will not be able to attend any courses or participate in exams during the entire semester, not just during the lecture period. Furthermore, you will not be able to use the semester ticket during the entire semester.