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Divisions and units

The Student Advisory Service of the TU Dortmund University offers students information and guidance on the general conditions of a university study, on study possibilities, study contents and study requirements. Its tasks also include advising on the choice of studies as well as on questions concerning studies and preparation for studies, including difficulties in the course of studies, examination problems, planned change of studies and dropping out of studies, and the distribution of information material on the study programs and other contacts at the TU. It also organizes special events and workshops on various topics.

The Dortmunder Zentrum Studienstart (DZS) provides flexible, individually tailored counseling and support services to help students get off to a good start in their studies. At its core are offers to improve mathematical skills in the transition phase from school to university. The DZS offers a combination of interdisciplinary counseling and specialized support services in the field of mathematics. On the one hand, students are given targeted advice before they start their studies so that they can find the right subject to study. They are given the opportunity to get to grips with the mathematical requirements of study at an early stage and to compare these with their expectations and level of knowledge. On the other hand, the DZS bundles offers to better prepare students of TU Dortmund and FH Dortmund (in coordination with the federal-state program Quality in Teaching at FH Dortmund) for the math exams. These exams are demonstrably a critical point: only every third examinee passes at the first attempt; the others need support and a portion of stamina. This is where the DZS comes in. The eleven DZS measures include student workshops on the topic of "Do you need math for that?", e-learning courses on learning strategies, and a Math HelpDesk where tutors provide tips on working through tricky math problems. The program also includes "Durchstarterkurse" for better chances in the second attempt, as well as personal counseling on alternatives to the field of study, if doubts arise about the chosen field of study.

If there are a large number of examination matters to be dealt with, the examination board can delegate the management of its business to the Central Examination Office. This includes, for example, registering for or deregistering from examinations, documenting examination performance, or issuing grade certificates and transcripts. Applications for compensation for disadvantages are submitted to the Examination Administration Office and forwarded to the Examination Board. Team 3 of the Central Examination Administration is responsible for the study programs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

As part of the Student Counselling Center, the Psychological Student Counselling is a service facility of the Technical University of Dortmund for students. Psychological student counseling is not primarily based on an understanding of illness, but strives to provide support in developing coping strategies in difficult life situations and to expand study-related skills. The counselors are psychologists with further training in behavior therapy or depth psychology. As psychotherapists, the counselors are subject to the legal duty of confidentiality. Accordingly, all conversations are treated confidentially. The counseling services are free of charge. You also do not need an insurance card.

The International Office (RI) is responsible for providing support and advice to international students and visiting scientists who are studying and researching in Dortmund, as well as advising students from Dortmund who would like to study or do an internship abroad. Employees of the faculties can obtain information here about the TU's international alliances with universities.

You can contact the Student Office before, during and at the end of your studies with questions concerning your student status. This includes applying for a restricted admission program, enrollment, re-registration, a change of program or subject, leave of absence, and withdrawal. Additional documents and other proof of student status can also be obtained from the Student Office.