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Laboratory Work

The laboratory work specifically involves experimental research work. The specific objectives are defined by the chairs where the laboratory work is performed. Lab Work is done in groups. Students can choose freely the chair or chairs and discipline for their laboratory work, depending on availability.

Either 10 or 6 CP must be completed, depending on the start of the study program. Students who are examined according to the Examination Regulations 2023 (from the winter semester 2023/24) must complete 6 CP for the module Laboratory Work.  Students who were already enrolled in MMT before the winter semester 2023/24 must complete 10 CP. 

The following chairs are offering Laboratory Work for MMT-students. However, we recommend checking the websites of other institutes proactively and the backboards of relevant chairs.

Chair Title Lab Work ECTS WS/SS Contact Person Further Information
ISF Experimental and simulative investigations of turning a steel material 6 SS Youssef Alammari Link
IUL Material characterization in forming technology 5-6 WS Joshua Grodotzki Link
IUL Additive Fertigung in der Umformtechnik 3 SS Joshua Grodotzki Link
IUL Rohrbiegelabor 3 SS Manish Ghattamaneni Link
WPT Fatigue and fracture behavior of metallic materials 3 WS Yashar Sarafraz  
LKT Additive Design and Manufacturing Lab -ADM-LAB 3 WS Rami Rouhana Link
LKT Ultrasonic Welding of Plastics 3 WS Rami Rouhana Link
CRE Uncertainty Quantification with Fuzzy Analysis 3 WS/SS Marcos Valdebenito Link
LWT Individual subject (group between 3-5 students) 5 WS/SS Lukas Wojarski