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Summer semester course "Quality Management" (EN)

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The course can be chosen and credited for the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Logistics and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management and is offered in English.

Here are the course details, which you can also find in the respective module handbooks.

This course provides students with the basics of quality management in the broadest sense and serves as a foundation for more advanced courses on specific quality management topics. The course topics covered in detail are: - Introduction to statistics and probability theory to provide the necessary tools to deal with the rest of the course material - Description and design of measurement systems - A selection of the viewpoints of the quality gurus from a historical perspective - Acceptance sampling in quality control and a comparison of the different perspectives - Statistical process control and control charts - The inclusion of quality aspects in the design of components - Quality management systems: ISO9001, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, etc. The course concludes with a seminar given by a person from industry, subject to availability. In parallel to the lectures, students work individually or in small groups on a practical case study where they apply the concepts they have learned to a practical quality management problem.

Further information on the homepage of the CRE.